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The Mermaiding Swimming Association Learn- to- Swim Like A Mermaid program is available at

aquatic facilities across the country. Developed by experts in Swimming, Finswimming, Freediving and

Synchronized Swimming and taught by trained, professional instructors, our safety classes are administered

locally at pools nationwide. To find and MSA Learn-to-swim like a mermaid class or Mermaid performer near you,

visit our Find Your School page.

The MSA is a membership based organization consisting of individuals performers and swimming schools.

In order to become a MSA member initial certification is required.


  1. To help build quality mermaiding swimming schools offering Learn-to-swim like a mermaid program,

  2. swimming parties and aquatic shows.

  3. To continue developing swimming program of the highest standards.

  4. To solicit more clients for classes, parties and shows

To achieve MSA goals all certified MSA members, schools and individuals:

1. Will be included in Find Your School page on www.mermaidingassociation.com

2. Receive new technical videos from MSA directors with new lessons plans for each level and and age, covering: aqua/yoga mermaiding; synchronized mermaiding classes, new routine for parties and shows; finswimming and freediving techniques.  

3. Supply members with MSA achievement cards for each level passes by their students.

4. Have the opportunity to take part in MSA yearly MERMAID USA national competition. Participation is free and school

or individual will compete for sponsors and new promotions.

5. Receive free scholarships from MSA  “Broken Tail” or “Fairy Tail” programs  for teaching people with disability

or disadvantaged families.

6. Receive up to 50% discount on all MSA camps, clinics and equipment.

To continue receive MSA benefits, member have to maintain yearly online certifications,

and teach according MSA standards.

Individual membership: yearly online recertification $50 (before or on January 1)

School membership: yearly online recertification $250 (before or on January 1 )

MSA Achievement Card with Mermaid pin: $15 per student.


All interested certified MSA instructors and schools have to fill out

MSA membership form: https://goo.gl/forms/ejI32fiCBf69Tlht2

If you wish to bring Learn-To-Swim like a Mermaid program to your school,

please fill out the form below