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2018-2019 mermaid courses:

days TBD 


1. September 2018, New York City

 Beginning of synchro mermaiding, mermaid shows. 

2 days clinic offering synchro moves and simple underwater shows suggestions suitable for underwater performers,

mermaid schools, aquatic facilities and aquariums  

Coach: World champion synchronized swimming, MSA director Kristina Makushenko


2. October 2018, CA

Mermaid- Instructor Clinic

For aquatic facilities, swimming instructors and water performers

MSA Coaches


3. November 2018, Colorado

Mermaid-Instructor Clinic

For aquatic facilities, swimming instructors and water performers

MSA Coaches


4. December 2018 NYC

Fin swimming clinic

For swimming teams members, aquatic facilities, mermaid schools

( competitive mermaiding )


5. January 2019, NYC

Synchro Mermaiding and mermaid shows 


Expert level clinic to help building water shows suitable for underwater performers,

mermaid schools, aquatic facilities and aquariums 

Coach: World Champion synchronized Swimming, MSA director Kristina Makushenko 


6. February 2019, Texas

Mermaid - Instructor clinic

For aquatic facilities, water performers, swimming instructors and mermaid schools


7. May 2019, Mexico

Professional Mermaiding, Mermaid schools fitness and retreats

For all MSA certified instructors


8. July 2019 Mermaid USA competition

Atlantic City, NJ


8. Summer 2019

Annual Week long Master-mermaid Instructor camp, Key West, FL



2 days clinic fee: $475 without accommodation

Week long camp fee: $2000 with accommodation

Mermaid USA participation: free

Mexico retreat fee: TBD